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At first we are nature lovers and would not trade anything for a wonderful view of nature on a river bed or atop a mountain cliff. The best way we know is to build log homes. Yes we are a company that helps you build you log home and work out all logistics even if you want to partly rent it out as a holiday home as well.


Following are the services that we offer


We teach you how to build log homes; we take courses both online and contact classes where we tell you what to look out for which raw materials to buy and how to build a perfect home.


Though we do not directly provide kits to build log homes, if you have doubts in procuring tools and have any questions we are here to help you. We do not market or sell products; we are just independent people that offer guidance to people who want to build their own log homes.


We also assist you in case you need assistance; we also build log homes on a contract basis, involving you in design, identifying the location and other logistics.


We also help you in listing your property as a holiday home on rental basis. We also get you the necessary tourists and also can work on tax related logistics. In some places tax benefits are given.
Usually log homes are mortgage free, however in case you are little short on the money front we can also help you in mortgaging.


We also offer maintenance of log homes, usually homes that are built on site require less maintenance and are robust, whereas houses that are built offsite and then pieced together require some maintenance. Do not worry we can help you fix your problems. Thus do not wait longer to have a holiday home, build your log home now. Register with us and get your process started.


Our Clients

This is a main house on a farm. This is typically located away from modern day cities or at borders of such cities.

The construction materials used across the world as well vary according to local raw materials available and also on the seismic activity in the region.

The units are usually made of either bricks, stone or hollow bricks and are bonded using various types of bonds.


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